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SGC AGM and Family Night Event 2017

The Singapore Gun Club Annual General Meeting and Family Night event held at the Singapore Island Country Club has been successfully concluded.

A total of 105 members and families were present at the function.

On behalf of the Management Committee, we would like to thank all members who attended the event on the 03 June 2017. We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to the SICC banquet manager and team for their professionalism and our member, Mr Jonathan Downes for helping with the photography for the night.

Last but not least, we would also like to thank our President, Mr Michael Vaz and 2nd Vice President, Mr Yap Beng Hui for giving away the lucky draw prizes.  A big congratulations to all the lucky draw winners!


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Notice of SGC Annual General Meeting 2017

Dear members,

Notice is hereby given to all members that the Annual General Meeting of Singapore Gun Club will be held on :

Date :  03 June 2017, Saturday
Time : 6.00pm
Venue : Singapore Island Country Club (Ballroom 1 & 2), 180 Island Club Road S(578774)

Follow by SGC Family Night event.

Please find enclosed herewith the Agenda for your kind attention.

Members may request for a copy of the following documents by emailing your request to :

1. Minutes of last AGM
2. Minutes of last EOGM
3. Audited Financial Report FY2016

Registration :

  1. Registration will start from 5.30pm at the reception counter located at the ballroom foyer.
  2. Any member with unpaid subscription (FY2016) and other arrears shall not be eligible to participate in event organized by the Club.
  3. The agenda, minutes,  audited financial report and annual report will be screened. Hard copy will not be distributed.
  4. Members are advised to register early.

F&B :

Reception : Complimentary event cocktail will be available from 5.00pm onwards.
Dinner : Asian Buffet Dinner  (No pork, no lard)

Parking :

  1. Free parking at SICC
  2. SICC Island Driving Map
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SGC Extraordinary General Meeting 2016

The SGC Extraordinary General Meeting was convened by SGC President on 10 December 2016 at the Singapore Island Country Club to approve the amendments to its constitution proposed by Registry of Societies.

A total of 52 members and their families were present. All the amendments to the constitution were approved by a majority of 50 votes. Two voters were not present at the time when the vote was called.

Our President, Mr Michael Vaz, generously hosted a X’mas Dinner for the members and their families present.

On behalf of the Management Committee, we would like to thank all the members who attended the EOGM. 



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IDPA Thailand Queen’s Cup 2016

Congratulation to IDPA Singapore

Benji Lim and Jasper Sua, represented IDPA Singapore, under Singapore Gun Club, in the IDPA Thailand Queen’s Cup 2016 on July 19 and returned home with 2 medals! Benji won the Champion in the High International category and a Bronze in the SSP Master category. More than 60 shooters from the region participated in the match and our guys did us proud! Well done Jasper and Benji!

20160730_201810  FB_IMG_1470034542115


IMG-20160801-WA0015  IMG-20160801-WA0011

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SGC AGM and Family Night Event 2016

The torrential rain failed to dampen the turnout for the SGC Annual General Meeting cum Family Night held at the Genting Hotel (Jurong) last night. A total of 110 members turned up punctually for the AGM and also to lend their support to the contesting candidates of their choice.

Mr Michael Vaz, President of SGC, answered members’ concern on the issues surrounding the recent closure of range as well as other matters raised by the members.

The majority of members, through voting, rejected 4 resolutions proposed by Mr Laurence Wee and adopted two resolutions proposed by Mr Michael Vaz. One resolution by Mr Laurence Wee withdraw.

In these AGM, 5 key positions were contested , contesting for the President post this year was Mr David Thomas.

The 3 hours AGM ended on the high note with a strong mandates from members given to Mr Michael Vaz and his team to continue to lead the Club for the next two years.

Congratulations to our newly elected SGC Committee members!

Also we would like to congratulate all our lucky draw winners. The winner of the 1st prize goes to  Mr Guy Hoh.

Guy HohMark G
Donald Ang Siegel
LeongLee Eng Hong
Chew WYSaw
Mike VazChan
Patrick ChenJessica
Marcus LimLim Hai Ang
Tan Chee GeeLow CY



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Singapore Rifle Group Sues Parent Body

Article from the Straits Times published on 10 June 2016. Please click here for more information.

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President’s Message

Singapore Gun Club

Fellow Members,

On June 7th 2016, Singapore Rifle Association’s (SRA) lawyers sent me a letter demanding that I instruct Singapore Gun Club (SGC)  to remove the “President’s Message to Members”  which SGC posted in March 2016 (three months ago).  I refused to remove the letter from SGC’s website and informed SRA’s lawyers that I will vigorously defend any proceedings.

On June 14th 2016, lawyers acting for Singapore Rifle Association served me with a writ of Summons for defamation.  It appears that SRA has taken offence to my attempt to inform and reassure members that the Gun Club Committee acted properly by complying with all PLRD requirements.

Although I am always reasonable and prepared to remove or reword offending portions which SRA has taken offense to, the content to inform SGC members must remain intact and I will not apologise for carrying out my duties as President of Singapore Gun Club.

Needless to say, I have refused to remove the letter from SGC’s website and continue to assert that it is the right of Gun Club members to be informed and it is my duty as Singapore Gun Club President to inform members of all issues.

I ask all members to read the letter to see what it is that SRA has taken offense to.


Michael Vaz

Please click here for attachment.



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Notice of Annual General Meeting

Dear members,

Notice is hereby given to all members that the Annual General Meeting of Singapore Gun Club will be held on :

Date :  17 June 2016, Friday
Time : 6.30pm
Venue : Genting Hotel (Jurong) , 2 Town Hall Link Singapore 608516 (Ballroom 1 and 2)

Follow by SGC Family Night event at 8.00pm.

Please find enclosed herewith the following documents for your kind attention :

1.  Notice of Annual General Meeting
2.  Nomination Form
3.  By-Law
4.  SGC Family Night 2016
5.  Programme
6.  Bye-Law for Voting
7.  Bye-Law for Nominations of Candidates


Members may request for a copy of the following documents by emailing your request to :

1.  Minute of last AGM
2. Audited Financial Report FY2015

Registration :

  1. Registration will start from 5.30pm at the reception table located at the entrance foyer.
  2. Members will be given a set of voting cards and lucky draw coupon upon registration. Kindly note that only Life and Ordinary members are allowed to vote at the general meeting.
  3. Any member whose subscription for the current year is unpaid shall not be eligible for the lucky draw  nor voting at the general meeting.
  4. The agenda, minute of last AGM meeting, audited financial report and annual report will be screened. Hard copy will not be distributed.
  5. Members are advised to register early.

F&B :

Reception : Free flow of soft drink will be available from 6.00pm onwards.

Dinner : International buffet dinner (no pork no lard)

Dinner (Halal) :  Malay set dinner (2 tables) catered for our Muslim club members its family. Complimentary dry dates will be provided for Muslim to break fast.   Disposable type of crockery will be used on the two tables.

Prayer Room :

Prayer room will be available for our Muslim members for prayers.

Parking :

  1. Genting Hotel (Jurong) – Limited complimentary car park coupon will be available on first come first serve basis.
  2. Science Centre Car Park (right next to Genting Hotel)
  3. JCube Shopping Centre (Opposite Genting Hotel



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Latest Activities Updates

Despite the closure of the centre since Feb 2016,  the shooting spirit of the club  continues to thrive  in various manner. 

SGC has played  vital supporting role in  facilitating  the training of our national athletes  as well as conducting qualifying monthly shoot to rank them. 

In recent months, SGC has supported  some of our club members in overseas events participations like the Hong Kong Invitational Shoot 2016, Africa Championship Finale Africa Cup (FITASC) as well as the coming Johor Iskandar Shoot 2016 in Malaysia.

The Club wish to congratulate Ms Ong Li Yen for wining the top title in the individual Ladies category event in the Africa Championship Finale Africa Cup (FITASC) competition.

SGC  members can now  looked forward to more local shooting competitions and activities to be organized when SGC reopens.

FITASC Sporting Clay     FB_IMG_1470034542115

HK Shoot                          HK Shoot 2


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Vaz’s vision 2020: Win a medal in Tokyo

S’pore shooting chief wants athletes to qualify for five spots at 2020 Olympics.

For more information on the article from TODAY , please  click here


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