Despite the closure of the centre since Feb 2016,  the shooting spirit of the club  continues to thrive  in various manner. 

SGC has played  vital supporting role in  facilitating  the training of our national athletes  as well as conducting qualifying monthly shoot to rank them. 

In recent months, SGC has supported  some of our club members in overseas events participations like the Hong Kong Invitational Shoot 2016, Africa Championship Finale Africa Cup (FITASC) as well as the coming Johor Iskandar Shoot 2016 in Malaysia.

The Club wish to congratulate Ms Ong Li Yen for wining the top title in the individual Ladies category event in the Africa Championship Finale Africa Cup (FITASC) competition.

SGC  members can now  looked forward to more local shooting competitions and activities to be organized when SGC reopens.

FITASC Sporting Clay     FB_IMG_1470034542115

HK Shoot                          HK Shoot 2