Singapore Gun Club

Fellow Members,

On June 7th 2016, Singapore Rifle Association’s (SRA) lawyers sent me a letter demanding that I instruct Singapore Gun Club (SGC)  to remove the “President’s Message to Members”  which SGC posted in March 2016 (three months ago).  I refused to remove the letter from SGC’s website and informed SRA’s lawyers that I will vigorously defend any proceedings.

On June 14th 2016, lawyers acting for Singapore Rifle Association served me with a writ of Summons for defamation.  It appears that SRA has taken offence to my attempt to inform and reassure members that the Gun Club Committee acted properly by complying with all PLRD requirements.

Although I am always reasonable and prepared to remove or reword offending portions which SRA has taken offense to, the content to inform SGC members must remain intact and I will not apologise for carrying out my duties as President of Singapore Gun Club.

Needless to say, I have refused to remove the letter from SGC’s website and continue to assert that it is the right of Gun Club members to be informed and it is my duty as Singapore Gun Club President to inform members of all issues.

I ask all members to read the letter to see what it is that SRA has taken offense to.


Michael Vaz

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