Competitive Sporting Pistol or CSP is an action shooting sport that challenges the athlete’s mastery of the handgun under 2 diametrically opposite attributes in the art of shooting – accuracy and speed under stress.

Unlike precision shooting disciplines that focus on perfect precision, CSP is multi-dimensional and demands acceptable precision under extreme physical, physiological and psychological stresses.  Therein lies the distinction between static marksmanship and dynamic marksmanship.  CSP can be best described as an art form that entails marksmanship, footwork and the mind. This is a dynamic sport that requires the athlete to navigate the course of fire to engage all targets in various positions and target distances.

When an athlete is on track to mastering this sport, one will find that CSP challenges one’s ability to control one’s mind far more than it challenges shooting skills.

Unlike precision shooting disciplines, there are no standard courses of fire in this sport so you cannot rote-learn a stage until you can shoot it to perfection.  Athletes are allowed 3 minutes to devise an execution plan for each course of fire. CSP challenges the on-the-spot adaptive skills of the athlete and his ability to perform on demand under different scenarios. The ability to deliver peak performance lies in the athlete’s mental skills: the ability to isolate the perturbations from the task at hand and the ability manipulate his attention and focus.

Currently members from many of the constituent clubs of the Singapore Shooting Association, including, the Singapore Gun Club, Singapore Rifle Association, SAFRA Shooting Club, HTNS Shooting Club actively participate matches held monthly.

To get an idea of what this sport is like, please refer to the CSP Promotional Video

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